What Is I’m The People?

What We Stand For.

I'm The People was created in hopes that it could become more than just a political forum. I'm The People is a movement, an ideal. Too many Americans Feel marginalized, so it was designed to become a way for citizens to tell our politicians in Washington that WE are the people and create accountability for them.

What We Are.

For now, I'm The People is just an all new political forum built in a more modern format for the 21st century that encourages conversations between both members and (hopefully) politicians. Our main focus though is that it's built in a way that is easy to code and expand into our full vision...

What We Will Be.

We have set out on an ambitious path for I'm The People. As time goes on and we start to gain more members we will begin to roll out our next versions which are aimed directly at creating more accountability for not only politicians but for everyone involved in politics. Read below for more details.
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Start A Conversation.

We need politically minded people like you who are looking to start conversations about how to make the world a better place.
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The Future of I’m The People.

Everything revolves around us getting a core group of members interested and discussing the political issues plaguing us today.

Get Members Involved

Step One

We want people to be able to express their core values from the member level, so all members can get a better idea of who they are conversing with

Build In More Member Features

Step Two

We will then build in the politician pages, from here you will be able to vote on current bills or issues that our politicians have in front of them to create some accountability.

Build In The Political Members Features

Step Three

The last step is the most crucial, and is the one that will (possibly) change the face of politics. So for now it is a guarded secret, but as we get closer we will start to divulge more information.

It’s A Secret.

Final Step
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Help Us Get The Ball Rolling

All We Need From You Is To Sign Up And Post A Comment...With That We Can Get Everything Else Going.
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